Here we are almost at the end of 2014 and not much has been posted throughout the year.  It's been a year occupied by my needing a total hip replacement.  From seeing my surgeon in April until my operation on 4th September, pain and disability prevented me from enjoying a full life. I am now back to almost full speed with just a few minor problems standing in the way.  
I've been working on Cross Stitch in my Pfaff 6D Software by machine and have completed several pieces 

I've just finished off two little quilts for the Blankets of Love programme and will be sending them off to Cheryl soon. 

Labour of LoVe

Two gorgeous blankets arrived this morning from Tricia from HERE.
The quilting on these blankets are perfect... Tricia's always are by the way... and these two are so pretty as well.
Thank You... once again Tricia... you are an amazing & generous lady.

Fabric donated by Irene Peel.
Fabric donated by Maureen Jones.
My THANKS goes to Irene and Maureen as well.
Being so generous has given Tricia the opportunity to add another two blankets to the project.